Heaven and Earth [Flash Fiction]

“Sartre’s reversal of what we had called traditional metaphysics does not require us to disband with metaphysical questions. To state propositionally that existence precedes essence is in itself a metaphysical question,” he said, a man not so unlike any other man who might say something like what has been said here, as I think I recall, or should I say recollect, except, how tranquil this recollection was, I cannot say, suspecting that there might have been something less than calm in the remembering because when I did do the recollecting of this–it was not recollection or even recalling, but a remembering absent of any will, yes, no volition, only something like a backwash, a wave come over me having taken me by surprise, and no inquiry as to why I remembered what I had remembered . . . I am tired of the sequencing here–let’s let this alone and be as it is here, stated as it has been, purporting to be what was said, and what I more than imagine I know was said.


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