Evidence of things not seen?

Politics has a metaphysics; all topics of discussion do.  Metaphysics is not only a discussion of reality, or philosophers spinning their wheels, or an intellectual endeavor equal to hypothesizing how many sprites could fit on the head of a pin, but what is ultimately real.  Metaphysics has veracity beyond the cloudy vision with which most educated Americans see outside of empiricism; but then empiricism is only one way of many to enter metaphysical discussions.  Yet in America, it has a dogmatic hold on the minds of those who claim to think.Let me say that the metaphysics of politics is a valid subject of inquiry, a valid way of questioning politics and the nature of the political, and that it is no more abstract than an analysis of the chemistry or the physics of the atomic or the subatomic levels of matter are abstract because they cannot be seen with the unaided eye or touched in a way we do our lovers or tasted in a way we do our favorite foods.

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