Apple of Our Eye

Who imagines that Apple is a more consumer favorable company than Microsoft? Who believes that Apple is day to Microsoft’s night, or even the lesser of two evils? Can we be that naive? Yes, we can. When we had the option of thinner models or upgradable ones, we foolishly chose the former, so now we have un-fixable Apple laptops with un-replaceable batteries. They have even created a recycling nightmare by making their new retina screens fused to the glass and thus unable to be recycled as we would like to imagine. Apple is only a flip side of a singularly minted tech-corporate monster. Please do not be deluded that they are any more environmentally friendly than the auto industry or the oil companies or that they are any more interested in your life or your children’s future than the pharmaceutical companies are interested in the fate of Africa, which would be about as sensitive to Africa and the lives of Africans as the diamond trade.

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