Intelligent people can come from anywhere. Stupid ones do come from everywhere. The Democratic ideal has been abdicated in favor of a pluralistic one, a hallmark of twentieth century politics everywhere, certainly; a current politique in favor among a broad spectrum of college educated administrators and fellow paper pushers (paper in the ether?) managing America’s affairs with a bureaucratic efficiency reminiscent of the best managerial traditions of our military. The military-social-complex is here. Intelligence in America is more in line with saying so than proving so. Democracy has thus been transformed in the image of the State, the newest form of God we worship, and worship we do.

Power in Democracy is numerical, we once believed. We had deferred to the idea that a people were a powerful entity in any country, let alone a country like the United States with a unique tradition of liberty. We were certain of this; we are no longer certain of this; in fact, we are no longer aware that we are uncertain of this. I don’t believe we hope for the truths inherent from believing that Power should serve the People–upper case here referring to our once better understanding of what We the People could mean.

We were once sure that the people were the only “institution” of governing that had the potential to counterbalance the weight of the state; We the people meant something to each of us, was in fact something that every person stood for, that each man or woman or child was proxy for the People. I am We the People; you are We the People; each and every other person is also We the People; much the way the cosmos has an infinite number of relative centers to its expansion, each of us has a relative macrocosmic relationship to the State. Of course, this relationship is metaphysical, not physical, or even relatively physical in how a person relates to the State and its agencies of control.

It was the people and only the people who were dense enough to counterbalance the weight and mass of the state, l’etat en soi-meme. Now, all states serve themselves; a truth to be undenied today as it has been for always true everywhere. However, this is a truth that had at least the potential to be countermanded in the past. (I understand that we cannot imagine today that we are less free than we were, or that our potential for freedom today is less probable than it was even when we might not have been as free as we would have wanted to be.)


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