Open the Windows

Women, Pendulums and Curtain Rods.


We have little idea what we are talking about when the issue of abortion rights is raised in the media. Our emotionalism is grotesque. Intelligence leaves the platform because we are actually too semi-literate to discuss this intelligently, which is always a way to think and feel symbiotically. And when I say we are too semi-literate, I am referring to the mass of college educated who with their bachelor degrees assume they have received a higher education. But with what passes for High School in this country–and we’re not talking facts, facts and more facts, but literacy–undergraduate education spends an inordinate amount of time patching up the holes. I don’t want to play the rhetorical ping pong most Americans are in love with playing; nor do I wish to engage in the intellectual hopscotch we like to play. We imagine we cannot be taught how to think; we imagine that not teaching our students how to think will make us freer. Mistakes.

via Women, Pendulums and Curtain Rods.


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