Israel & Colonialism

Israel & Colonialism.

How can any academic assert that we are living in the post-colonial world when Israel is European Colonialism? Post-Colonial? Any history of colonialism must address the continuation of this history in Israel. Power is sophisticated enough today to understand that violence in itself as brutality, brutality as violence is not going to work for their ends, or be accepted. In fact, too often has been the experience that a people have used violence against the power elite. This is why power and money have co-opted the media. This is why peace and non-violence is worm as a cloak by internal power in America. This is why the power elite want your guns. Power fears the guillotine and les Jacobins. Nonetheless, Israel is a European colony, a client state of the American Empire., and its agenda in Gaza, for instance, is no different than the British Empire’s agenda at any time in its history of colonial rule, or France for instance in Indo-China. The horror of our contemporary existence is that too many people think this impossible because Israel is a Jewish state and Jews cannot be racists, bigots, or fascists or colonialists. This is aided by an American media with a lopsided representation of Ashkenazi Jewish men and women as part of the controlling interests. The American Press amounts to a Zionist Pravda, where the only acceptable Zionism is a reactionary and neo-fascist one.

via Israel & Colonialism.


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