Attention! Warnings to be Warned; From the Editor

Be warned, I tell you. Yes, be warned as we so often prove we love being. Yes, warned. We love to be warned. We are excited when warned about harm. We like being frightened by our media, titillated by a broadcast and print media insistent on overdramatizing the news, creating news based on the demands of sensationalism, irrespective of truth or value as news. News does have a value. It does have a need as well as serve other needs in a society. This need the news itself has is firstly determined by the demands of Truth–and I do know how grandiose this sounds to a contemporaneity driven by a metaphysics of doubt, an overriding doubt that knowledge can be had or the limits of knowing determined. Truth is not a lie used to reinforce the hegemony of elites–we have the most elitist society in our history, all the time we masquerade as being more democratic, or more pluralistic, which always tries to parade as Democratic Truth.


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