Good Friday

We like to make more out of the alleged mystery of language than is worthwhile pursuing, that is, worth the while of any intelligent person. Good Friday is Good because everyone who is native t0 the English Language knows that the antonym of the word ‘evil’ is good. The translators of Nietzsche understood this when they placed the English title Beyond Good and Evil on the cover of one of the books we used in a seminar in Existentialism when I was an undergraduate. Every church-going American woman I envision walking to church with her bible in hand against her breast knows that what she holds close to her heart is The Good Book. If the Bible is the Good Book, then Good must have the connotation of Holy. If it is the opposite of evil, then it must be in synonymy with saintly, godly, holy, no? Let’s not puzzle with things, and please let us stop consulting pseudo-experts raised in a system of education where knowledge is suspect and doubt has become the highest wisdom.

Good Friday is Good the way the bible is the Good Book and in the way that the Good ones are opposed to the Evil ones. Holy Friday, anyone? Not necessary, really. We just need to consult how we use the English language.

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