From the Editor

I do at times skirt the borders of redundancy. How to repeat without the repetition becoming redundant is a skill. I avoid redundancy by transforming repetition into motif. Motif is only motif if not redundant; redundancy subtracts from motif, as there is a way to repeat things without them becoming motif and without them becoming redundant.

I do at times get editorially insulting, which is not the same as getting personal in the way we mean when we refer to unacceptable insults. I suit action to word and word to action. I am also not going to debate the existence of Western Civilization, anymore than my French or Italian or Irish Catholic cousins in France, Italy or Ireland would do–no.

The form of the essay I use must be called literary even when employed in the cause of political and social critique, as well in the matters of philosophy, linguistics, history or historiography, theater, film, music, painting or sculpture . . . I am again becoming redundant. I have discussed this before in other essays, in these or other words. What else we have in the varieties of human expression through human media by beings all too human will only be revealed through successive examples of my writing. There is not much in the way of mainstream print media that is not Status Quo–even our so called dissent has become Status Quo.

We will try to avoid this–no! We will avoid this. I will.


The Editor-in-Chief: Jay Ruvolo


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