Prime, Primitive, Motive; an Anonymous Author Writes of an Anonymous Man Having Spoken to Another Unnamed Man [Flash Fiction]

Our early human ancestors completed cave paintings because they did not have mirrors? A man asks another man, then pausing to wonder what he might have added or how he might have phrased the question differently . . . wondering perhaps if his question makes any sense at all, then waiting for a response that does not come in the time he would have appreciated a response, but only one framed and put in a way, in a manner–what would the appropriate matter of a response have been, and what in fact would amount to a timely response . . . he does not consider further than the time it would take you to read all of these words, thoughts, images, fractured notions coming and passing in his mind at a very rapid pace . . . but what were the motives of our early predecessors in the human, never without the humane, perhaps just what cave paintings were, an attempt to inject the humane in the barbarity of the hunt?


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