It is I [Flash Fiction]

It is I or it is meit’s me is okay. What is this It is I shit. The French say, c’est moi; they do not say c’est je. Understand? C’est moi; It’s me. 

I am a staff of one. I am everyone and everything herein. I am the whole review, all of it, all of what goes into it, every word, every revision, every choice and decision. This review, it is I. It is I much the way Flaubert announced in a French court that Madame Bovary, c’est moi. 

Now, obscenity for Madame Bovary, the novel . . . c’est l’absurde.

Yes, I am a people of one; I am we, again here, as I am we always, as I have been we before, as I have always been we since when? Since birth? I could agree.

The many selves Self finds it easy to operate under many hats. Once more, I am The Review, The Review, c’est moi.






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