Holy Wisdom? [Flash Fiction]

“A man who had come across this piece here delivered it to me transcribed in his hand on another piece of paper that I took and transferred into my computer from where I uploaded to my website and publish it for your perusal, and do not ask me why I have not said ‘read,'” a man I know said to his audience, of which I am one. I have taken the opportunity to re-blog it for you in my literary review, The Review, another man says, one who knows the previously mentioned on-line reviewer; one whose website I also frequent almost as much as I do my own, here, but not the previously mentioned reviewer, as I say in persona, the editor, not the author, nor the writer, the publisher, the man, the husband, whatever else I can be have been will continue to be or will become:

Have human-beings done inordinate harm, committed gross savagery in the name of God, of Allah, of Jesus Christ? Of course they have. This though is not a reason to assume that all religions are six of one and half dozen of another. The only thing I ask is for anyone to read Torah, The Gospels and The Qu’ran–read them closely. Examine the texts and tell me if the God in any of them is the same God in all of them (you might want to read the New Testament, as well as the complete Jewish Bible, which is virtually represented by the Christian Old Testament, although with discrepancies in the matters of what is Canonical). Examine the ethical mandates, but closely examine the representation of God in each. What do you come away with?



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