What is Reading When Reading is Separated from Writing? An Opening Statement

I have met very few people, even among those most of us today would call educated people, who have any idea what they are saying when they refer to the act of reading, the performance of reading. We have for too long separated reading and writing as distinct categories of operation–is that mental operation? Certainly, each references a discrete social operation. How reading and writing are not mutual and reciprocal operations of the mind–of thinking–and I do not want to restrict what I am talking about to the mere chemistry of the brain, nor to an analysis of its electrical mechanics–is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps in the contemporary mind I have been too long jaded by a misguided belief in the value of traditional humanism (or is it humanisms) . . . I am not going to venture an apology. Apologia sounds like the name of porn star. I will continue this discussion of reading, and of course writing because no one can adequately discuss reading without discussing writing, in upcoming entries.


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