Obama and His Governing of the Elite, or is it for the Elite?

Obama put at ease outrage over Bush, over monied power elites in America’s ruling class of greed. But Obama’s in the hands of the banks as he pretends to speak against Power and Money for the people, those of us naive enough to have succumbed, as I have on more than occasion, to Obama’s eloquence. But if you look for eloquence in Milton’s Paradise Lost, you don’t read Adam, you don’t read God, you read Satan.I just wish he would say something anything other than to say nothing better than anyone, or to say just what kind of public he envisions We the People of the United States becoming . . . ask only what you can do for country because your country is not going to do anything for you. Obligations to Democracy persist; I know of people who had thought of buying a rifle with their stimulus money.

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