Explanation is not Rationalization

Poor people everywhere are not rich, thereby not affluent, perhaps undereducated, for the most part almost certainly semi-literate, although thoroughly alphabetic. In being poor, certain correlations with crime and violence get disseminated as they have also been proliferated among the affluent and the more highly educated. Correlation has often been confused with causation and this has lead to a number of conclusions or logics that get completed.

If poor, then criminal; if poor, then violent. The fact that these logics are made to be thought, received ideas though they may be, they do get thought, most overtly, it seems, by the poor themselves.  Humans are often times not illogical but hyper-logical, yes, logical to a fault, most often in how logical conclusions are drawn, consciously or unconsciously,  from premises that have nothing to do with either reality or Truth.

We have also confused explanation for justification or rationalization, and for so long that if an explanation for crime is offered it virtually immediately gets thought of in terms of justification, almost to the point where too many need to prove their condition of poverty by being violent or criminal, which is thus another explication of a condition that I do  not offer as a rationalization or justification. Unconsciously though this may be in the mind, the actions are almost as if an internal logic of disorder were the rule.

Herein, the truths are tautological, explanation is explanation, justification is justification, neither the two shall meet.

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