Laughing at the Devil [Flash Fiction]

There is a transformation of the Freudian Es or Id as we like to say in English, preferring in this instance, Latin to either Freud's German or our own Anglo-Saxon. The Freudian Id is that It-monster that resides within me, yet apart from any of the mediating forces of my humanity. This monster breeder, the … Continue reading Laughing at the Devil [Flash Fiction]


A Chinese Box of Closets [Flash Fiction]

Everything from one end of the monochromatic scale of black to that of white I am able to imagine when taking photos. I see color arrangement in monochrome. The black and white film I buy at B & H on 9th Avenue across from the Cheyenne Diner I have used for decades now--is it that … Continue reading A Chinese Box of Closets [Flash Fiction]