I Cannot for the Life of Me Delineate the Differences between Self and Soul [prose poem]

What though is the Self? Could it perhaps remain distinct categorically from what we mean by psychology, mentality or personality? Who am I inside? Who do I become outside? Outside in this place, at that time, here or there, then or now . . . wherever however whenever? Should I ask, what are they, when I am asking about this who I am?

They is the appropriate pronoun for the many selves inside of me, of course. I have taken the idea of a many selves Self as evident. Each self in the Self is integral, though, which leads to confusion in some, as well as confusion for how to articulate their existence and their interplay in mind–just what the relationship of the Self to soul is has been could be must eventually be determined for a greater understanding of the nature of mind, the nature of soul, and these things can and do have nature.

What then is the I; what then is this over-I or this It, my Id . . . I recall having read somewhere, I think in a poem by Jay Ruvolo, that identity spells Id Entity. It does this It I am sometimes . . .


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