The Self Toward Philosophy [Flash Fiction]

This I is persistently we. Of this, I am certain, but then this kind of offhanded certainty often masquerades as science. Again, I know that I is we mostly by faith. To know; to have faith–I do not want to put one or the other above either in any ascendancy, faith or science.

We becomes each one of us. I am we as you are also we; yes, I am we the people as you are we the people, as he is, as she is, and only if each one of us is we the people, simultaneously with every other person in the whole collection of human-beings in this world, can there be any valence for our Freedom, our freedoms.

I have known this for too long. I have understood this from Jefferson since I was a teenager. The rhetoric of singular and plural herein is clear; the politics of it is integral to American Democracy and our philosophy of individualism.


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