Trump Trumps All Reason [Flash Fiction]

for the Prophet Jeremiah

A revised republication of a former blog entry by a man who writes a political blog that he publishes alone and with all the madness inherent from doing the likes in this society of vision through the ass and where doubt has become the highest wisdom . . . the anus is our third eye . . . what more is there would there be to say; yes, to soliloquize or not to soliloquize, saying what must be said by weighing what words to use in order to say to convey what needs to be known, to know or not to know being only what happens when we stand under, yes, this infrastructure we need to understand anything, for any idea to accrete in its appropriate way . . . yes, there is appropriateness and inappropriateness . . . how then do we understand what there is to say about our current state of affairs politically . . . whereby anyone who thinks must know to what extent current political correctness does mismanage democracy, and almost as acutely as does the Know-Nothing Party of Donald Trump’s re-imagining of an America in its former 1840s self . . . and my opposition to how political correctness has mismanaged the defense of the rights it has purported to be an advocate for is not in line with Donald Trump’s “Know-nothing” populism, and I believe a thinker can step away from the rhetorical ping-pong America’s Conservatives and Liberals seem to enjoy playing–and we do like to play ping p[ong. Moreover, we should re-examine the Know-nothing Party of the mid-nineteenth century in order to better understand what is cropping up in the American political field–what seemingly new act is performed in our political circus rings. New act? Hardly. If we were to do so, Trump would not appear as if he fell from the sky, or rose up from the depths, if we had any historical awareness, or if we had the inclination to make such investigations rather than wait for the correctly framed received ideas we need to parrot to find comrades on either side of the Trump trapeze act. Trump the carnival barker? In fact–what is there that is in fact– the Know-Nothing Party’s platform is very similar to Donald Trump’s; the party was founded in 1845 and lasted until about 1860 and was ripe with Anti-Catholic sentiments and bigotry, as well as the view that the country was being overrun by Irish and Bavarian-German immigrant hordes. Daniel Day Lewis’s Nativist character in Scorsese’s Gangs of New York is a continuation of this virulent reactionary politics . . . am I saying that Bill the Butcher is anything like Trump–perhaps in the paradigms of his rhetoric? Is Trump like Bill the Butcher in Bill’s most heinously violent impulses? I do not imagine so–but then I no longer know why I do not imagine this. Trump’s grotesque populism and whatever popularity he has garnered is right in line with Bill’s general attitudes about Immigrant Hordes and Nativist Jingoism. I am still, though, wondering just how far we are supposed to allow the heinous politics brewing in America to continue in the name of our attachment to the First Amendment, and I am not saying that I wish to detach myself or ourselves from this . . . what then must we do? I ask. I am genuinely asking and am not in the least using this rhetorically as we like in America when we conclude that no one can say, as when we say Who’s to say? Is it ever acceptable to shoot proto-fascists? Is knowing what we know about Nazis and Nazism in hindsight enough for us to revise our opinions about the First Amendment, but then isn’t that what Weimar did do–suppress the publication of Mein Kampf. Shouldn’t it have been put in all bookstores for everyone to read and to avoid mystification of the facts of Nazis ideology. In Maoist ideology, power comes from the barrel of a gun.


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