A Matter Of [Flash Fiction]

The sun this morning yellow through the curtains of the living room windows looking east; this morning looking out the window with her gone, my coffee is bitter and lukewarm in the cup on the saucer on the sill, no spoon, as I take my coffee black, no sugar, espresso from the espresso machine that I bought a few years ago in Macy’s Herald Square, the same day after the last time I made it to the top of the Empire State Building, daytime ascension, the 86th floor, thus making my way around the cardinal points of the compass, taking photos of the Chrysler Building and Rock Center and the then Twin Towers, looking south then as I look this morning east; the sun just up and over the tops of the buildings between my window and the horizon, and through the branches of the trees this mid-spring. I had a manual focus AE-1 then, and another auto-focus zoom lens Canon I used for several focal length shots of the the Twin Towers all the way at the tip of the island from where I was in midtown, not the middle of the length of Manhattan. All colors we see are the result of the reflection and the refraction of light. Her dress this morning was lavender, with red and yellow flowers in pattern.

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