Toward a Philosophy of the Self in Analogy with Singularities [Flash Fiction]

A singular vision is an exceptional one. A singular person is a person of exceptional qualities. Now a singularity in astrophysics is another term for black hole, an exceptional occurence in stellar evolution.

The matter of a particularly massive star at the end of its life collapses, thus increasing its density where then its gravitational field is increased to a point where no radiation can escape. Light is held “inside,” as laymen like to say, by this intense gravity, thus its apparent blackness, at least as viewed from outside the “event horizon.”

Now what’s at the heart of the human soul? Or, perhaps, however dark one’s life or mind or experiences may or may not be (should I have said, may have or may not have been?), there is something of the physics of stars that is correlative to the human soul. There are fires and motions for sure; there is a whole thermodynamics of human soul; there are rotations, revolutions, fusions and fissions, supernovae and singularity events.


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