Sisyphus Lives [Flash Fiction]

The universe is absurd, brother.


God sets it in motion and sits back and laughs.

He likes watching us

the way we like watching the monkeys

in the zoo.


How can you conclude

that the universe is absurd

if you have concluded that there is a God?


What does the existence of God

have to do with negating the possibility

that we live in an absurd universe.


The notion of an absurd universe

was developed in response or rejoinder
to the pronouncement that God is dead.


But that pronouncement was rather premature,

don’t you agree?


I do not know if I agree or not,

which is why I ask.


You can’t really believe that, can you?


I would like to ask me.


That you do not know if you agree or not?

I would like to rejoinder.


And why not? I would ask,

adding to, and in the adding,

I would assume I was making better . . .


You really do believe one more firmly than you do the other

if you are, as you imply, undecided.


But if you believe in God,

why do you think the universe is absurd?


Should I be as vain as those who believe in a loving God

just because I believe that there is a God?


So you do not believe in a loving God?


Now that’s the absurdity of absurdities.




Just what do you mean by an absurd universe?


The entire lack of design, or the entire design indifferent to human life.


You believe that?

God sets the universe in motion and lets it progress; evolution is part of his design.



Its, whatever the fuck you want or need.

God has so little to do with the needs spawned by our vanities.

Remember Michelangelo’s panel on the Sistine Chapel Ceiling,

God’s finger to Adam’s.

That’s it; evolution was part of the design he set in motion,

and then he insert’s his divine will, shifting the Homo-Sapiens

into the human . . . no?

You don’t get it, don’t agree?






Whether I agree or not is not the issue.

I’m still not with you in your understanding of the universe as absurd.

The absurd universe is the universe without God,

without the hope of redemption,

without the hope of intervention,

but with still the hope of humanity,

of a humane existence.


Whatever you want to believe.

I am not in need of your agreement.

I’m like radio; tune me in or tune me out;

I keep broadcasting.



Everyone’s rather like Sisyphus, you know,

how we live, neither tragically nor comically, only absurdly.

That’s how I understand it.

Action is action and has neither the potential to be tragic or comic

in its resolution.


See? That he’s absurd.

To me the existence of God leaves opened the hope of redemption.

Aren’t humans redeemed by one another,
in another’s eyes, another’s actions toward,

another’s love.

There is nothing more absurd than love, no?

You can have God, have no hope he will ever redeem you, and still have redemption from other human-beings;

that’s what it means to be human; to be humane.

What is more humane than redemption, forgiveness, compassion?

Great sex.


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