The Highest Wisdom [A Short Story]

What else do you need but the essay to read? I will not give you a synopsis to take with you to then pretend you have read what you should have read without any help from me other than the words themselves here by the couple of thousand . . . a story , polemically expressed, particularly in response to recent currents in the American national political arena, most specifically in relation to the way we elect our presidents—President being a Title for the person holding the Office of the Presidency, perhaps the most important and influential office in world—but also with commentary on how ridiculously out of touch We the People of the United States are with respect to our needs and our interests, politically and otherwise, mostly with how we misread power from whichever side of the political coin we have invested our love of chance upon, with perhaps an oblique reference or two for how much we love to play ping pong with our national politics, as much as we are enthrall with playing hop-scotch with the Truth, yes, capital ‘T’ . . .

The Falling Leaf Review


What then should I say? What then can I say? What is it that I know? Facts, facts and more facts–give me nothing but facts, or so we could say Mr Gradgrind would say . . . did say in similar words, I remember Hard Times, he says. He says, Ours is another call for needful things. The one truly needful thing in our world, our culture, our country, this civilization of ours–whose civilization is it? How long is this civilization? He asks in earnest.

I have not disbanded with older notions of what our civilization has been, he says, what it has meant or could have meant in face of what it has never meant, he goes on, even if it tried to mean it for itself, he says. He says, Now the highest wisdom is Doubt.Yes, give us doubt and nothing else but doubt. Doubt, doubt and more…

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