When the State Wants to Shove a Microphone Up Your Cunt

How the Search for a Fetal Heartbeat is an Effective Return to the Curtain Rod.

An essay from a few years ago, also reissued last October, almost to the day one year ago.

The Falling Leaf Review

There are people, organizations, institutions and leaders in politics that support the idea that a woman should be made to get an ultrasound and then listen to the fetus’s heartbeat before she can go through with the abortion she has decided to get. In the case of a pregnancy not yet five weeks, as I understand, no heartbeat can be detected, so a probe must be inserted in her up to the opening of the cervix– it cannot enter the womb, or can it, I don’t know, but this is futuristic alien invasion stuff. This is an effective return to the curtain rod.

I know that this is far, far too invasive. I cannot imagine what mind thinks of this stuff–and stuff is used without irony or pun intended. It is another punitive measure imagined by moralizers, who, when matters of morality arise, are usually wrong or wrong-headed or exaggerated…

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