How We Are Living the “Emperor’s New Clothes”


Please find “The Emperor’s New Clothes” below. I have included it here because of its relevance to our political contemporaneity. The thesis still holds even with TRUMP becoming President because he is now the candidate who readjusts our notions that there are ideological differences between the parties, just close enough to the time when we had begun to imagine that the opposite might be true, and that Democrats and Republicans just might be flip-sides of a singularly minted political coin, either one as useless as the other–and I do not imagine that Power that loves Power and Monied Elites who love Money and more and more of it, are adverse to manipulating politics for their purposes, to the point that this Carnival Show of Trump could be to readjust the People as a State Serving Public accepting of the former Status Quo. In fact, it is too uncanny for me to get…

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