A short piece revised from a reply to a reply concerning another response. I am not trying to be cute.

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

Trump does have a virtually anti-NATO agenda that is collateral with his flirtations with Putin–my objections to Tilerson snubbing NATO (and at this time, in the current poltical context, it is a snub) are retroactive and also attached to Tilerson’s dealings with Russia before being Secretary of State and his possible dealings then . . . my comments about Tilerson’s snub first appeared as a comment on an article I posted to my FACEBOOK page, a comment I then revised into a short piece entitled, The Corpocratic State is NOW, which appeared in this political review, Now Politics.

The first oppportunity to meet with NATO, given the investigations and allegations concerning the Administration, should have been taken . . . there is a Stagecraft to Statecraft in every single society, in the world community . . .roles to play, and Trump is genuinely too stupid to understand any of that…

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