Monkeys See, Legendary Heros Do [a fictional essay]

An essay, by anonymous essayer, found on the subway by our Publishing and Contributing Editor.

America! America! The God of the Hebrews shed his grace on thee?

Where then did Christ go my Christian Brethren?

If anyone needs to understand Protestant American Manifest Destiny here in the former territories of the United States set against Native Americans, one need only look to the history of the Hebrews crossing the River Jordan–and I said the history of Hebrew incursions into Canaanite land. I am referring to the successive battles and wars fought over this Promised Land until Canaan was fully usurped by the Hebrews, much like the ways Protestant Americans did to Native Americans, and Protestant Americans did to Catholic Mexicans.

The American version of entering the Promised Land was easily enough done when Jewish Torah–that is, the Christian Old Testament Pentateuch was used as rationalization, much as it has been used to rationalize the persistence of the State of Israel. The above references to Protestant Americans is only an appeal to historical accuracy; by no means do I sidestep the checkered history of the RC Church, but whatever Catholic monarchs did in the name of God, did not get nearly as much support from the Vatican as what Protestants did here got sanction from the ministries of Protestant Churches, although I refuse here to enter condemnation . . . mea culpa, mea maxima culpa . . . in the matters of human inhumanity to our fellow humans. Every single geo-politcal problem Mexico and Mexicans have had with the United States or Gringos has been this persistent and even unconscious Anti-Catholic hatred. No question in my mind. I have no idea what goes on in yours.

I am, though, and only sometimes, impressed by how monstrously full of shit we are in America, as I am also sometimes–a very few times–astonished at how seriously, still, America is endemically  anti-Catholic, which only obliquely adds confusion to the sometimes strange relationship American Catholics have with some American Protestants, and fucking Republicans which is as Protestant as you can get. Perhaps as a response to how endemically hateful Ashkenazi have been in America toward Catholics wherever they have had even a small hegemony, as in Public Education here in NYC, an experience I have had many, many times pitted against me; and in the print and broadcast media, including a gross if not grotesque Hollywood stereotyping that persists long past the allowances other groups would endure.



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