One of the Opinions in the Life of Thomas Sarebbononnato [Flash Fiction]

In order to keep their sanity, Russians from the Soviet Union had deep and serious discussions about serious and deep subjects. In order to save their lives, they orchestrated never reaching any serious conclusions.

I might say something similar to and about Americans, almost; however, it is not about saving their lives that leads them to draw no conclusions of any seriousness; but since having reached the culturally unilateral conclusion that Doubt is the highest wisdom, and Truth is a lie and that there are no absolutes of any kind, Americans talk and talk and talk about evertything, especially serious subjects, and get nowhere, intellectually, spiritually, practically, concluding nothing of any worth, upholding the dogma that knowledge is impossible and that the man or woman who does know anything must always be suspected and vilified if possible, or necessary, the latter always arising in a culture ruled by superstition and mysticism when not outright mystery and the power of feeling or emotion, the latter perpetually linked with com-motion, either motion always other than both passion and compassion. . .


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