No Hand Sanitizer, but Plenty of Soap During Pandemic? No Wonder Why Community Spread of CoVid 19

From March 30th, Now Politics

Now Politics: the Political Opinions of Thomas Sarebbenonnato

What was amazing to me at the beginning of the buying craze at the onset of the coming of CoVid 19 was that hand sanitizer was difficult to obtain, while bars of soap  remained plentiful. Dish soap is still not difficult to get.

Are people using handsanitizer and not washing the common silverware as much as they should be washing their hands? Have people been relying on hand sanitizer rather than soap and water? It seems so.

But then every time I would go to the bathroom at the Met Opera, the New York City Ballet or at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, it was always amazing to me just how many people used the bathroom and left without washing their hands, or only nominally put their hands under water for what had to be no more than two seconds, at best, top end, no more than ten.

Too frequently…

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