Capitalism is not a Fact of Nature

I avoid asserting what most ideological Capitalists like to assert, and that is that Capitalism is natural, more organic to humans and their interactive needs than any other socio-economic system. The fact that this is dogma is attested to by just how many Americans believe this without thought or if there is thought, without question. This is not the beginning of a diatribe on the evils of Capitalism or the virtues of Marxism–neither is in itself true. The argument herein is simple: no economic system is more organic to humans than another. What is inevitable for humans in their social interactions is to develop an economic system, whether that is a complex one or simple one. Any economic system in particular is a product of culture; culture being whatever is done by a people in a time and in a place among themselves. Culture is anything produced including ideas and systems of interaction. So, any economic system is in itself a cultural product and thereby adaptive to the needs and the negotiations of the culture. But Capitalism, being only one of many forms of socio-economic negotiation, is not a fact of nature, nor is it in itself better suited to humans in general for all time. There is no such thing as social evolution on the model of human evolution or the origin of species. We may like to do so because we often prefer to revert to our primal Homo-sapiens behavior, which is always other than human, always far less than humane.



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