Capitalism is not More Natural

Capitalism is not more natural to humans than let us say Feudalism. Feudalism is not more organic than Communism or varieties of Socialism. Capitalism and Feudalism serve different social ends, if not because of this, different social needs for those whose ends are not directly or principally served. A society develops the system it needs (and necessity is also subject to social negotiations, but not always equally or with a balanced effect from all of its members). A society allows an economic system to grow in whatever way serves the needs of those who control power, those who stand in authority or disseminate influence. In America, Capitalism, more specifically, finance capitalism, serves the needs of the monied and power elite. American Finance Capitalism (upper case as one would when referencing a religion, for example, Judaism or Roman Catholicism), without the offense of the People, serves with increasing exclusivity the demands of Money and Power. This, of course, cannott happen if the People do not abdicate their role and responsibility as the People for the seemingly more secure role of state serving Publicans, that is, the Public. The People, as in We the People, cannot be confused for, nor should they be referenced as, the Public, not without serious political consequences for the People in all socio-political and socio-economic negotiations. The Public and the People are not synonyms. All governments should serve the People, and not exclusively the Elite, but this is rapidly evaporating in America.

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