Humans Always Confuse Culture for Nature

To perpetuate the kind of elitist control of society, where 1% if the population controls more than 50% of the wealth, yes, Capitalism is more suited than Feudalism. Humans are always confusing their culture for nature, though, so economic systems being the product of cultures, it is inevitable that we will assume the socio-economics are facts of nature. In America, the socio-economic system that binds Americans financially is understood to be more natural for humans because what is more natural for Americans, or so we are trained to think (or parrot), Americans will assume is more natural for all people in the world. This is how the ideas behind or within discussions of human freedom and democracy are always bound up with the advance of corporate capitalism in its financial control of the world, at least from all who have sworn allegiance to Western Bourgeois Capitalism. It becomes the new colonialism in the world. The American Empire is now. The true horror in this existence is rooted in just how much violence economic inequalities such as the kind we are developing have brought historically. The American media entertainment versions of bread and circuses will reach a saturation and no longer be able to placate the masses who are a lot closer to starving and being homeless than even they would like to think. When the state can no longer serve the needs of its soldiers returning from foreign wars fought for Wall Street or the Oil Gangsters, that would be a very frightening scenario.

The arrogance of power and money will be their downfall, but not until they virtually sell a generation of Americans and their children down river. We are heading for a bloodletting that only the Jacobin or Bolsheviks could rival–and who wants that?

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