Salvation is not for Women????

El Salvador, or the Savior, or the One who brings Salvation is the name of a Central American country and remains a cruel joke (reminiscent of the jokes told by guards in the Nazis camps) for all women in the country. El Salvador just might have the strictest abortion laws in the world, certainly the harshest in the Western Hemisphere.

We do not need to look to Muslim Theocracies to see misogyny in action; we can look right here in the Western Hemisphere to a place like El Salvador, where in most cases of a woman having a miscarriage or complication with a pregnancy that results in still birth the woman having had the miscarriage or complications is suspected of having had an abortion and is then arrested. Too many times medical personnel inform government officials of these suspicions, leaving many outside the country to wonder if Hippocrates is not confused in El Salvador for Hypocrisy.

Most complications with pregnancies in El Salvador go unreported for fear that the woman having the complications will wind up in jail.  This has been well documented by Amnesty International and is not a matter of American propaganda or hypocrisy in face of its own less than stellar record with respect for a woman’s unalienable human rights. There are too many from among the American Christian Fundamentalist Right who would be easily at home within the structure and strictures of Sharia Law, if it were not for the fact that they were Christians, almost itself a cruel joke when the Gospels of Jesus Christ are compared with what comes out of the mouths of some Christian Fundamentalists here at home. Yet, Muslim Theocratic opposition to abortion is right in line with anti-abortion everywhere–in Algiers, Morocco and Tunisia, a rapist can avoid prosecution for rape if he marries the woman he has raped, almost invariably coerced if the woman raped becomes pregnant as a result of the rape. And that’s not misogynist at all, is it?

What a wonderful world.






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