Web Log Writing

Let me say then that these blog entries are organized around many different kinds of writing. I imagine we expect this plasticity–that we expect many different kinds or forms of writing to take place within the confines of the blog and to be at home there. These entries can also be also autobiographical . . . surprise, these blog entries of mine, can be in part the biography of the Self, my Self. They can also be factually informational text; they can thus be reporting, as well as encyclopedic? I do genuinely ask.

I really do not know what a blog is because a blog is many things, it is anything it is at the time it is what it is, which is how it is, when it is . . . and the is is the most important thing to note about the construction here. This is why I do not try to define it anymore, although herein I am making this attempt; however, my attempt to define is in effect to reveal the genres inexplicability. I just write one, a blog–what it is is in the becoming.

I leave what I write and how I write to my instincts. What goes in and what does not go into one, this one, is not as planned as some might assume. They often do have a fragmentary nature to them, entries that arise out of an immediacy that often cannot be anticipated. Sometimes they appear as if they are parts of larger writings, and often times this is true, the larger forms coalescing in the pages section, or simply in the culmination of a period of blog writing, whereby the bog entries will be collected to make a larger bound text. The bound-ness or boundaries of this text being the essay form found collected in the pages section.


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