There Needs to Be More Literary Reviews; A Polemical Position

The Falling Leaf Review is not outside the western traditions I have alluded to here in both the pages section and the blog posts. It is a defender of this tradition which gives it the intellectual impetus to be the critical journal it is. With the force of this tradition behind it, it will levy the critiques against the structures and dynamics of power. It is this critique of power as power in itself power as opposed to the People, and not power as power not multicultural enough, that this review takes seriously and insists is necessary. So, let us not equivocate. There needs to be more literary reviews such as The Falling Leaf Review.

This need comes from the fact that many from the previously mentioned camps of resentment lessened or loosened their critiques once they made headway in the Academy; one of the principal reasons we have assessed that all former criticism of the culture and the civilization from camps of resentment were not based on the necessity for their critical responses but resentment that they were not participating in the hegemony from the hierarchy is t. It never was about democracy, liberty, or addressing power as power, or the extent at which power’s dynamics of control have tentacled their way through our society. It was only that power as power was not multicultural enough–now we have a little bit more diverse power elite? The only problem with power as perceived from any of the camps of resentment in the new push toward hegemony was that it was not multicultural, not that it was power as pwoer acting powerfully against people. Remember Sinclair Lewis–when fascism comes to America, it will come in the guise of Americanism, and Americanism today multicultural and diverse–a multiethnic and multiracial Gestapo next. This is not a call to return to whiteness, a sociological distinction in America that Italian-Americans and Catholics have never fully participated in or avoided clashes with, or from which they have become the victims.

Let’s not address the social evils of greed, both personal and institutional, but let’s lament that this greed is in fact not more multicultural. Let us not address the problem of prostitution, but instead let us make sure that prostitutes are representative of all ethnicities and races. Let’s not address the problems of power as power against the People, only that we need more African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and women in the power structure set against the People. Perhaps African American People will accept a proctology exam from power if there are enough African Americans in the power elite to demand that the bureaucrats managing the new oligarchy shove their bureaucratic fingers up their individual asses. Everyone to his familiar devil.

Satan does not come to a devout Catholic woman in the garb of a Rabbi. Power understands better than anyone that Satan holds dominion over the world–let each be to his favorite metaphor. Power and Money have become media savvy enough to project themselves in familiar and appealing images. We have not addressed power in a way that supports a shift in the balance of weight to the side of the People, but only added a new and improved diversity to the kind of Power that enjoys anal raping the People. The body politic is the body politic in full.


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