A Nose for News, a Nose for Truth?

There is a ritual life in our entertainment world, one we gratefully participate in, one we no longer have the desire to live without, one fro which we fail to see the danger in the matters of managing our democracy. This is true enough, for sure; but then there is often nothing more difficult to see than the truth. What is right in front of our eyes is often virtually right up against pour noses–just put your morning paper against your nose and try to read it.You cannot because it is too close–exactly the point.

The media manages images, disseminates them in manner and at a pace for the greatest effect, which is to harness popularity, to create the received ideas of our culture. The media president has been one thing every four years–and President Obama is as much a media president as any other, if not more so than many others; he is a media darling and therefore receives gracious treatment by broadcasters, but mostly because every glaring flaw anyone with any intelligence could have seen or foreseen was covered as are facial imperfections by make-up and camera work in our visual media.

But what about the media man and the media woman sitting at home waiting for the media to tell them what they think and why they think it. The media American is the American who votes. So much the worse for democracy and democratic being this reduction to the media created voter.

The media person complete with media personhood is the man or the woman each of us becomes. A media sense of self goes a long way in forming who comes to the polls. A media informed sense of duty, of obligation, of freedom, of being at liberty, of pedagogy, of voting behavior, of ethical conduct, et cetera is everywhere the only epistemology we know.

Warhol, Warhol, prophet of our future.

TV evangelists have always bugged the American liberal establishment because the former are simply more overt forms of what the latter is politically, secularly.

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