Gay Marriage (a few points made by an opponent of darkness) [Flash Fiction]

A letter to the editor of an on-line literary magazine published by the editors, as they agreed, because of its succinct power.

Let it be re-iterarted that all efforts at re-defining marriage are paramount to furthering our understanding of where Gay Marriage fits in the social equation of couple-unions today–and it does fit, that is, more easily than many of us on either side of this pro/con issue are likely to understand or admit. Opinions are opinions, and facts are facts, but intelligent, rational thinking is other than tautological.

To say Gay Marriage is marriage is not enough. But then to say with categorical impunity that marriage is only a union between a man and a woman is equally insufficient. The protection of all of our basic human rights requires us to be more intelligent than we allow ourselves to be, to be better educated than we are expected to become in the systematic under education fostered by our school systems across the country, as well as each of us achieving a much higher level of literacy than we are able in a society that enforces semi-literwacy as literate-enough and doubt as the highest possible form of wisdom.

To be gay or not to be gay should not be a question. How is it that anyone still imagines that it could be? But then there is no Truth; there aren’t even any number of minot ‘t’ truths. The only thing we are left with is the will to power, one or another form of tyranny in the left hand or the right.


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