How a Letter from an Editor of an On line Literary Review Becomes Fiction; or, You Should Know the Boundaries between Fiction and Non-Fiction

. . . is a letter from an editor of an on-line literary review. The opinions are herein those of the Editor-in-Chief, a role the Publishing Editor likes to assume separately from that of Publishing Editor. He has complete control over content. The follow has been abridged by me.

[ . . .]

All social interactions are fair game (pardon the cliche) within the confines of the critical essays intended for social commentary. Responses herein to the questions that arise, or the questions I have anticipated some might ask, are not in themselves answers. The distinction between answering and responding ad which is enaged when and how and to what result or for what purpose is the subject of another essay herein included in its Pages section, the chief section of this review, not the blog, although the later has as much to do with critique, often in other forms, mostly, another length (but where length dictates form and style, this is significant).

[. . .]

The Review has offered, does offer and will offer criticism, explication, commentary, exposition, even Jeremiads, which do not chiefly answer as much as they address, perhaps by redressing grievances or making pronouncements, perhaps grandiloquent ones, on social woes.

[. . .]

I do acknowledge that as the Publishing Editor of this review, I cannot help but shape what this review will sound like, or what it will appear as, when readers access its texts. I am the chief writer–I am the only writer–everything herein is I. The Review, c’est moi, I think have already said.

[ . . . ]


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