All of a Piece [A Short Story]

An angry young college student speaks of the American Media and Reactionary Politics in the Middle East.

You will always know the names of the Israeli Soldiers who are killed while in Lebanon, but you will never know the names of the Palestinian children murdered by State sponsored terrorism at the hands of the Israeli Military in Gaza. Why is this? How is the media in Israel and America (worse here than even there) not a flip of the coin from the worst image of Al Jazeera we hold in our prejudices and endemically drawn bigotries, although not entirely mistaken? The Israeli Government acts as badly with Muslims in Palestine as Sharia Law would intend to do with Non-Muslims, and I have no illusions about Muslim immigration. I, for one of many, many westerners, are tired of this Semitic ping-pong that Jews and Muslims play in the Middle East and spread to regions far and wide of the Middle East–the Paris bombings should be a reminder that this form of reactionary politics is not in isolation, and that it might just have more to do with Islam than we want to admit, and that the refugee crisis was an orchestration on the part of ISIS, to aid in its infiltration of the west. We cannot be naive any more about what Sharia Law means or stands for or intends in any western democratic society with its own sets of problems that will never be addressed or redressed by Islamic Theocratic principles or the contradictions to liberty and democracy Sharia Law supports. In my opposition of Islamic Terrorism and my belief that Islamic Terrorism does have more to do with Islam than even the Crusades could have had anything to do with the Gospels of Jesus Christ—and I ask you to actually read the texts–

Now if we were to take the 10 largest cities in the U.S. and examine their print media and broadcast media and see who the CEOs of the corporations who run them are and what they all have in common, politically, rhetorically, financially, what would we see? I am genuinely asking, not solely insisting rhetorically. In those ten largest cities in the richest and most powerful nation in the world, how many newspapers are there and who are their publishers? What do these publishers have in common politically, economically, ethically, editorially? Where do their donations go when in large dollar amounts they support political platforms or positions or candidates? A pack of wolves, they are all of piece–a large pack of them everywhere in America supporting State sponsored terrorism at the hands of the Israeli Military and Intelligence community. I do not like ping pong, so critiquing Israel does not mean I support any oppositional Arab Organization, terrorist or otherwise. There is another position, and that is the position of a liberal democratic and free America.

We must be cautious in our determinations drawn by what we find because Zionists are really everywhere white, black and other; are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist, Animist and other; they are men, women and children; they are kind to their children, they are kind to dogs and other people’s children, and they are none of these too. They are rich and they are working-men and women; they are poor, they are intelligent and some amounting to very many are narrow minded. Their politics is the great unifying commonality. Their politics, though, is reactionary; the great reactionary politics of today is Zionism, if we are not talking about ISIS or other brands of Islamic Terrorist politics–and they are political even more than we imagine them religious, Islamist Terrorists. All reactionaries will coalesce. But what we have tio understand is Zionism is a Semitism—make no mistake about this. The opponents of this or those who are shocked about this, or those who think in prepackaged American received ideas do not get it. They have no clue what people like me think.

What kind of people are they who control the media, though? Who is it behind our broadcast and print media that has shaken hands with one kind of devil or another variation of political devil, whether it is the State of Israel, or it is the penchant American Politicians have for denying how much Islamic Terrorism does have to do with Islam and the fanatical breed of politics that have always historically been wed to the spread of Islam?

Is it that they are all reactionaries, the elite behind a media that supports the state of Israel irrespective of what road to perdition the American-Pit-Bull Israel pulls us down? Where is Israel’s leash, anyway? I do know that America has shifted monolithically to the right. There are far too many Democrats who would have been moderate Republicans forty years ago. This is a big problem for us today in deciding who gets to be President, from what I am looking at in the Republican Party.

Now, let me ask, What ethics do these media leaders have? We see just where Mr. Suckerburg feels at home. Never mind what he has said afterwards in a scramble to put the correct spin on what he would have liked everyone never to find out. I have written how he is one of the great enemies of the People and that is an enemy of Jefferson’s We the People. I know that Israel is bound and tied up in a survivalist mind that disallows living sanely and rationally; but let’s understand that history has taught us that oppressed peoples rarely learn anything but the lessons of their oppressors. Ashkenazi conventions in Israel have always had something to do with neo-Nazism in a most grotesque immitation.

But where is their morality–can the media elite have a morality? What is their morality rooted in–what traditions of control or contempt? Where does it have its center, this axis of control that a few corporations in the United States have over virtually all our print and broadcast media?

What politics are behind our media really because it seems as if it were very sympathetic to the most heinous and horrific of reactionary politics? Are we ever going too ask these questions let alone find answers to them? All fascisms are reactionary politics as was Nazism.

Like people have like politics–not necessarily in the policy ping-pong we confuse for ideology in our degraded sense of what politics are. Media moguls do have like interests, as their commonality economically, and their common class status, determines their values and the values they sell.

Who does their money support, though? Ad Men, Mad Men–yes, mad men, all of them the ministers of propaganda? The American media is a tool of propaganda as it is a tool of other kinds of dissemination. Not everything about advertising has a one-to-one correspondence with the form, content and effect of propaganda. But there is association. American newspapers today, when the State of Israel is concerned, have a lot more in common with Pravda from the days of the Soviet Union, than we would like to admit, or are permitted to say openly.

When news and editorials meet with police PR in rhetoric, then I know I am living in the new Soviet Union. But, but, but . . . listen to the news on the networks and cable; read a variety of the newspapers from across the country . . . all of piece. And here in NYC, the hottest bed of lies and deceit . . . who runs our media? A pack of wolves; a pack of wolves.

What are their interests really–how aligned with Wall Street CEOs and their boards of directors are the Publishers of our print media? Where do their sympathies lie, and sympathies almost always lie? And in every other major city in America? What is their agenda? What allegiances do they have? Who do they protect? The People? Who do they promote? The media in America and in the Soviet Union have had a lot in common for many years. The State Department is now an American Totalitarian Capitalist Politburo. And this is not hyperbole.

Yet who are these men and women controlling our media–and the media is controlled by its owners as well as its sponsors who are all of them men and women right here at home selling us the idea that they are no different than you and I are. Do we look to find their names; do we look to see who they support politically; do we look to see where their money goes, what organizations they support–a pack of wolves, all.

What is the common bond that binds them other than how much money they make? Will we ever know how this money is honey-combed in our country? What corporations own, run or control our newspapers, magazines and broadcast media in a great overarching conglomerate that is able to determine the dissemination of ideas, able to choose the correct received ideas to be spread, able to manipulate the opinions spawned from this dissemination, and able to decide who gets elected? Questions, questions and more questions to ask, but then we are in love with asking questions to avoid ever learning anything, a way to detract or distract, a way to keep perpetuating inquiry on inquiry to find mout nothing while looking like we are looking.

Who are the publishers of our newspapers we read with nearly biblical deference? Do any of us ever say their names, read their names printed in the newspapers? Who controls the news-desks. The hundred largest circulating newspapers, as I have alluded to above, are owned by just sixteen conglomerates that also have their hands on broadcast media as well? Why do we not see this as a danger to democracy–because these media organs are very good at disseminating contrary images and received ideas, the correct and efficient sound bite or reading blurb. (Couple this with systematic under education and a severe decline in literacy, and you see what we get.) They are very good at promoting themselves in images we want to see, images we have been shaped to understand in a way that helps them perpetuate control.


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