The Polemicist Speaks Again of the Media President and Politicking over Politics [Flash Fiction]

Why did it take the horror of Paris for Obama and other western leaders to raise the intensity of their military responses to ISIS? Do we not have the will? I see there has been no way, not really, for too long. You do see that the responses have ben raised in their intensity.

I’m still trying to figure why the current responses had not already been the response, seeing as how the media lauds our current efforts and details our results. It is interesting to me that the current details of our results by raising the intensity of our bombings and missile strikes were not heard last week, last month or last year, except a lot more thinly and less than sporadically. It seems to me that western leaders have no will to be proactive and only ever depend on being reactive to prove they have our interests at heart. How many more times than twice have we been fooled by them?

Obama did drop the ball on ISIS. This is not a savage critique. He himself has admitted that he and the United States were unprepared for ISIS and when ISIS garnered more support and steam, that the U.S. did not have a viable plan installed yet.

But then Mr President dropped the ball when he showed us that he was more concerned for appearing unlike George Bush rather than appearing as if he was our Commander-in-chief interested in stabilizing a region. Withdrawing troops from Iraq was a mistake, but then any intelligent military expert should have been able to see that. I’m still puzzled by Americans who do not think we should have stayed there in perpetuity. When politicking countermands sound politics and good political sense, we are at the mercy of the Media President.


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