A Short Neck Among Giraffes [A Short-short Story]

[A text is one that speaks to us, we have said. A text has something to say and all we have to do is listen. I also imagine that this is naive. This is a kind of passivity in the manner of interpreting? What is it that we hear when we listen to a text; what is it we hear when we do not listen appropriately?  I do not agree that texts are categorically distinct from archives; just as I do not imagine that anthologizing is not a form of archival collecting. What it is you take away, understand, listen to or listen for–neither one nor the other is the other not the one. I guess I cannot control everything; my intention is not the matter, here. I do not imagine that Shakespeare directing Hamlet would be the definitive production. I am wondering if you, my reader, will wonder what the differences between italics and roman type are in this text, in any text. ]

A diatribe by an angry citizen in the cause of defending liberty and democracy against the Monied and Power elites that have created an alliance with the Media elites to control and subvert the cause of the People in their own defense, re-forming them in the image of a State-serving Public heeling at the table of government for some of the scraps the elite are only sometimes mindful enough to toss to them, US. Remember, all information is In Formation; the people informed as a public is an abdication by effect of the people’s responsibility and obligations to themselves as The People, Jefferson’s We the People. To be informed is to be in Form, theirs for us serving their needs, our shape to fill a lack Power knows, and that lack for Power is Control. Our re-formation is creating a shape to fill that lack. You do understand that we are at a place where we are about to abdicate our responsibility to freedom and to democracy; and this has been made stronger by our persistent delusion that there are real, tangible ideological differences between Democrats and Republicans, made more palatable by Donald Trump’s representation of the Republicans, another Minstrel Show by Power, this one in White Face worn by White Actors. One represents the Oil Gangsters and the other, the Wall Street Banking Gangsters . . . kind of like choosing between Bugs Moran and Al Capone. And how many liberals there are in America who imagine Les Jacobins were wrong is astounding.

The Last Angry Citizen speaks:

I have noted with increasing rapidity over the last decade the number of times reasonably educated and liberal-minded people betray a willingness to abandon a traditional commitment to freedom. Any publicly expressed defense of rights is usually met with disinterest or derision from members of whatever crowd I find myself among. Any time an individual openly takes to task a representative of any government bureaucracy, or any individual representative of any institution, for violating one’s rights or conspiring against civil or constitutionally protected liberty, the person taking to task becomes a pariah among others in the vicinity; co-workers will scatter like roaches once this happens in a work place. We must be convinced of the necessity for docility in face of bureaucratic encroachment of our freedoms, or the abuse of authority granted members of city, state or federal police agencies, or in face of the arbitrariness of any bureaucrat anywhere in decision making, and the complete disregard that bureaucracies in general have for the people they pretend to serve, and the maddening diction and rhetoric of evasion that virtually all of them use all the time. And yes–all of the time here is not hyperbole. 

We even say things like the Second Amendment has no relevance today, that it is an antiquated remnant of an age that holds little validity for us as a model for faith in the cause of eternal Liberty, or as an example of how to react to a long usurpation of our freedom, and any person’s pursuit of happiness. We no longer warn our leaders that we are a people within whom exists the spirit of resistance. No people can long withstand such usurpation of civil liberties as we allow today without either exploding in rebellion or being crushed in oppression. And we do allow this usurpation of our liberty, gladly, for a little of what we call peace. The Patriot Act is one such example of how we will barter liberty for what we perceive as peace, security. But again–at what price is this peace paid for? I have to stand with Thomas Paine and what he knew was common sense–although, what was common sense to the generation of our founding fathers, yes, fathers, is not all too common now. I know that there are too many of you Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives here in America who are confused by what I am saying and how I am saying it–part of the problem.

Our leaders have become our rulers, letting the rich get richer, at the same time carnival barkers like Obama sell us the idea that rebellion is never necessary, that fierce criticism of the elite is not what we need, but that what we must do is support Wall Street and give them money to save us from being poorer than poor. If we have not come to see that Obama has been the hand-puppet of the bankers then we are blind. Could anyone say with any degree of accuracy that Obama became the bitch of the bankers who helped him get elected–Goldman sending thousands of minor donations to deflect from its overwhelming support of Obama, who had no cache in Washington and so owed Wall Street in a way not even Bush W. owed the Oil Gangsters. He was an oil gangster so paradoxically had more independence, as sick as that is. His father had cache.

Obama is also an adversary of Truth when he designs to play hop-scotch with the truths of our society to acquire the correct spin. He is thus an adversary of the people and favors all of us becoming state serving publicans–but then this is in part what the job of President has been for a long time coming; what it has always in part been. He does defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic–the people are always in part suspects.

This does not put me in the camp of the Republicans who are able to be as heinous as I perceive them to be only because Democrats like Obama have shifted right of the the metaphysical political center. Obama is a defender and supporter of the power elite no less than Bush was making him thus an adversary of liberty and not a representative of the People. He stands opposed in his deeds to all the founding principles articulated by Jefferson and Madison in his efforts to make power more powerful and money more monied, supporting a Federal Reserve enforced impoverishment of the People.

Obama is as much an opponent of liberty as Bush or Cheney; he is even a greater threat to the stability and security of the United States and its people. He clearly dropped the ball on ISIS as he had on Benghazi. He is as he has been for the duration of his two terms a foreign policy nightmare. And yet, we believed Obama would stand for the little man, mostly because he was black–another indication of how endemically racist we are as a populous. Perhaps he tried to help the simple separate person more than has been apparent; however, he has been pulled by the strings of the monied elite, and that’s not something we should equivocate about saying just because he is African-American. Our refusal to take him to task is our media’s inability to handle race truthfully and organically, and only symbolically, through media formed signs and media delivered soundbites; the medium does become the message.

We are in love with flipping coins in America, as much as we are with political and rhetorical ping pong or a game of hop-scotch with Truth. Obama has also been as big an opponent to greater democracy as either Bush junior or Clinton before him, but then the Republicans and their maniacal conservatives are not the answer to Obama; but then, the heinousness of the Republican party aside, I can’t seem to run for cover under the leadership of Obama. Democrats and Republicans both serve power; they both are at the beck and call of the monied elites, at best, before they respond to the people; at worst, they respond to the latter not at all.  And if you imagine, in whatever delusion has subsumed you, that Trump is an answer, or that he is the solution, or that he will speak for you because you are a white, catholic former blue-collar citizen of this great land, in other words, narrow-minded, ignorant and bigoted, you are a bigger imbecile than I imagined you were . . . Oh! I’m sorry. Have I insulted anyone? Have another beer, you lonely drunken troglodyte . . . I should be kinder–I know. I cannot help it sometimes, the way I see monkeys seeing and doing, one simian gesture after another, words that one monkey says repeating another monkey saying what yet another chimp must have heard someone somewhere saying what you and I know was composed as a slogan or soundbite by liberal or conservative pundits serving the Media elite serving the Power and Monied elites being protected by the administrative elites in government. Everywhere, every time by every one of these . . . a resounding  Fuck the People.

We assumed Obama was going to defend the common man, that he would champion the everyday citizen, and I do believe he tried more than those who say he did not try at all. We did believe in the Obama hope primarily because he was black. Again, we are endemically racist, only not in the way the media likes to message we are. In matters of race and all isms related, we can only flip a coin. In the Serengeti of American Politics, Liberty is a short neck among the giraffes.

How inventive. How clever. How whatever it is we have in words to say that what has been said, however it may have been said and to whom, has a sharp and quick intelligence, as if it radiated visible light . . . how can speech radiate light? But it does, doesn’t it. No? In this way it becomes clear how the word energy, or the Greek energeia, was originally a word from Greek rhetoric, then borrowed by science.

Who he is, is not important. It is he herein. He is not she; he is not we, except in the way that everyone is we, as in each of us being We the People. Only in this way of every one of us being We the People is the idea of We the People valid. It is not about totalizing, this We the People. Each of us is macrocosm to the totality of all of us; only then can We the People function as a concept of liberation.


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