Tricksters are for Civilization [Flash Fiction]

It is in the role of our civilization's tricksters--as it is the role of tricksters in all cultures everywhere for all time--to be a champion of freedom, yes, champion, a competitor for liberty on the field of life. I am not one who thinks that the only culture or society within which any notion of … Continue reading Tricksters are for Civilization [Flash Fiction]


Determinism and Free Will [Short Fiction]

An Op-Ed piece published in a mainstream paper in the imagination of its writer because no mainstream print media outlet would publish anything like this in its pages, having succumbed to the demands, the wishes, the impulses, the greed, corruption and fraud of the Monied and Power Elites who rule our governing bodies through the … Continue reading Determinism and Free Will [Short Fiction]

Licenses to Gratify

Love in a country where more than 50% of all marriages end in divorce, where a philosophy of individualism persists in degrading a person's self-awareness to the point where his only philosophical choice is solipsism, and where this remains our most fervent mysticism, love of anything, including freedom, but also humanity, could not help but … Continue reading Licenses to Gratify