Liberation Polemic; a Fictional Essay

We did imagine liberating ourselves by freeing ourselves of traditional metaphysically drawn ideas about Truth and truths. We did revise our primary  inquiry in epistemology. As I have said before and will say again, we placed Socrates's first step in knowing, I know nothing, at the end of what has amounted to a masquerade in the … Continue reading Liberation Polemic; a Fictional Essay


Duality versus Dichotomy; a diuscussion

Duality is what it says. Dual is two. A duality is something in two; there are two parts, perhaps of one whole, but if one whole, the sub-parts must be exclusive. When light can be said to maintain the properties of both wave and particle; this is duality. Duality focuses on the twoness of one … Continue reading Duality versus Dichotomy; a diuscussion