Another Moment in A Woman’s Life [Prose Poem]


A conversation between two women, friends, buying coffee with their babies in baby carriages blocking paths they are oblivious to having blocked in the cafe.

Do you ever imagine that you have the acumen to understand another person?

Why do you call it acumen? I don’t get that.

Why fix on the word?

Because it does not help me to understand–

You can’t get what I am saying? No. You can– You don’t want to.


Another moment in a woman’s life conveyed by someone who will remain anonymous, as will in fact the woman who speaks here within quotation marks. Is it one of the women above? What if?

“To get. To give. What are the differences between them? Think. Look again. Don’t play hopscotch. Do you understand what I’m driving at here? You should. To get; to give. What is it that happens when you  get something, and what happens when you give something? I know it seems trite to say. Giving and getting. We do ask, Are you a giving person? I ask, Are you a getting one? What are their relationships to greed? Now, to forget or to forgive. What then are the differences? You should see them. I then ask, What then should you do?” She asks us, tells us, suggests to us, alludes for us.


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