What We Are

Herein please find the blog for The Falling Leaf Review, published on ISSU. You may find selections of poetry, of fiction, of essays, of commentary and of other literary excursions, if I may borrow from a lit mag I was involved in now nearly twenty years ago. Blog entries are what they are, and sometimes, as here exhibited, they are only notations, or should that be notices. Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground is sometimes more . . . accurately, my Russian friends insist, translated: Notices, which I am assuming is related to the Spanish noticias, which is what you find on Spanish News Broadcast title frames.

So then, Fyodor must have been saying News from Underground. Burial bulletins, as I had once assumed. Nevertheless, what then should I say to you about The Falling Leaf Review,  the monthly literary journal I publish on ISSU? Come see. Visit. Read. Download. It is currently free. I will eventually Paypal it.

Yes, we has shifted to I, but then, as far as any Review I have ever published, I am we; I am all. The Falling Leaf Review, c’est moi. 

[Merci, Monsieur Flaubert]

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