How Trump Happened to You

It has been American Liberalism as it has transformed itself over the last half century that most vehemently attacked the notion of a capital ‘T’ Truth, attacked the rhetoric of traditional humanism abandoning us to relativism, situational-ism and topical-ism in our social ethics, government responsibilities, political decisions, fiscal management. We decided to throw the puppy out with the flea-bath water as well as abandon a commitment to a literacy that would allow more of us to understand and defend democracy and freedom and human rights. Back in the 80s I used to be asked by Italians from Italy on student visas why American Liberals were so stupid, so under-read, so semi-literate? They already knew American conservatives were lost. The Clintons and Obama neither represented traditional Democratic patronage, nor the interests of The People as this always stands opposed to The Public which always serves the State. The Dems today are not even Kennedy’s Democratic Party, let alone Al Smith’s (and don’t chuckle until u know just what Al Smith did for poor and working poor and immigrant poor here in New York State).


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