When the American Political Party Diagram Shifts Entirely to the Right

Imagine a very large rectangle drawn on a piece of paper with a line equally dividing it in two; one side Left and the otherside Right, and I mean that politically. Then take a smaller rectangle also equally divided in two, one side Democrat and the other Republican. Then imnagine two lines, one above the other. The top one could be called The 70s the one below it called NOW. These would intersect perpendicularly the Left/Right axis of the larger rectangle. If we were then to place that smaller rectangle into the larger rectangle on the top line, The 70s, and orient it to the fixed center of the larger rectangle dividing Eternal Left from Eternal Right, we would find the smaller rectangle with its line dividing Dem and Repub Left of center of the larger Political Left and Right. The Dems would be firmly in the area of the Left; part of the Republicans would hover in the Left of Center area. Today, it’s the opposite. The Repubs are firmly all of them Right of Center, fully in the area of Eternal Right Wing when we place the smaller rectangle on the line NOW. Part of the Dems would also appear in that area too. This is how Trump happened.Theremight even be Democrats today right of political center than Republicans were lefet of political center—I cannot imagine a real way of determining that. This is my sense of our political shift.


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