How Garrison Keillor Remains a Status Quo Mouthpiece in The Washington-Clinton Post

I read Keillor’s commentary piece in the Washington Post tonight (it appeared on Wednesday), and  I wanted it to be funnier, but then decades of systematic under-eduaction and enforced semi-literacy have made his left-leaning readers and listeners a lot less able to handle the once more pristine ironies. I guess he knows his audience, and as insipid as his commentary reads, it rests an example of what is wrong with the left today. American Liberalism today can’t raise the bar significantly hgher than the right, and Keillor has stuck to the same reflexes the left has been responding with: everyone who supports Trump is stupid and racist, which must make him the enlightened white man because it was, according to too many people, white men and secretly white women who put Trump in office. Yet, 35 out of every 100 hispanic voters voted for Trump; Trump received double the votes Romney did in 2012 from African-Americans. I do not want to say Keillor is an idiot, except in the way Aristotle meant when Aristotle said an idiot has no general concerns–and Keillor’s concerns here are not general and only masquerade as social; his opinions were just continuing staus quo contemporary liberal cliches and trite analysis, the flip-side of America’s conservatives. Ping Pong again one of our favorite past-times? His commentary was effete and yes, again, insispid.

The Washington Post should give me space to respond– I’m not a Trump supporter, but then, I’m not a status quo mouthpiece like Keillor. The Washington-Clinton Post is so far from where it was when it brought down Nixon that it might as well be Hilary’s PR rag. It is about as far from that as the Clinton Democrats are from the average American.


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