When There’s Even More You Have Not Considered About the Electoral College

The Electoral College actually does have everything to do with the election. Once more, there is no reasonable explanation for assuming we live our lives Federally, when in fact most of everything we do is defined, managed, ordered, disseminated by our States. If we are not willing to investigate the form of government we have, a Federal Republic ordered along the lines of dual sovereignty, one where any State is as sovereign as the Federal Union and where each state is equal in its sovereignty with every other state, then I cannot imagine what allows us to spout opinions concerning the very nature of our Dual Sovereignty alignment of Fifty States, which is exactly the Out of Many, One that is our motto; that is, one unity out of many sovereginties, but that does not equal a federal sovereignty above or superior in any way to each of the states. I blame Civics or the absence of civics in the High Schools . . . schools where half are alowed to graduate reading below grade level and that is after two decades of insipid understanding of what literacy is and how it should be or could be taught having taken over pedagogy; yes, standards of literacy have become effete. And in that time, newer pedagogies of failure have managed to cut down all the trees of traditional liberalism and traditional defenses of freedom to get at one or another of the devils of our past, as if we needed to be saved from traditions of civilization because civilizations have also been Imperialist and Colonialist . . . and now that those devils have turned on us, we have nothing left to stand between us and the devils that seek to destroy us . . . talk about throwing puppies out with the flea bath water.


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