What You Don’t Know About the Electoral College

State legislature role in determining Electors who gather to Officially select our President only shows us how important State elections are, how significant it is to vote conscientiously for your State Assemblies and State Senate. I am tired of continued mis-representation of the Electoral College or knee-jerk responses from either Democrats or Republicans who express one disingenuous opinion after another. If the election had gone the other way–and it could have as close as it still seems to have been on and since Election Day—the Democrats would be singing the praises of the process which I still insist is not less democratic. Madison’s intentions were to serve democracy in a way that respected both majority and minority voting/opinion while still warning us from faction. Everyone needs to read and re-read Federalist #10 by Madison. And try not to express the highly ignorant opinion in reply that James Madison has nothing to teach us because having written in the 18th Century his views could only be  anachronisms to our politics, to our contemporaneity. Fools that we are. We have to understand that the President is not a national election, but is a federal one, and that is a point I reserve for explaining in a separate piece. But what is National and what is Federal are in every way the same. In fact, the President is the President of the federal government and not the nation, regardless however much we would like the latter to be different.


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